" We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge"
John Naisbitt, futurist

Wojciech Marchaj

MARCHAJ foundation was established in year 2010, after crisis on global financial markets. In principles it is a research center which transforms available knowledge into user friendly technologies, but in distinction from many others on the market it is not focused on beeing profitable, but creating elegant, perfect or just beautiful projects from technical point of view. For its activity center charges you only amount of money necessary to its living at common level, due to our feeling, that maximizing the profit in global scale lead directly to dewastation and filling the junk yards.

We are a toy story for big kids, a store with inspiration for daydreamers, filosophers, and especially engineers humanists. We are going along the line:

knowledge → innovation → technology → education

thus the finite product of us is knowledge, which can be represented by a prototype, but in needn't, because it is enough, to be sure, our customer has it and use properly.

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